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Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) is interactive Software, which is designed to assist physicians and other health professionals with decision making tasks. Clinical Decision Support System links health observations with health knowledge base to influence health choices by clinicians for improved patient care. The main aim of CDSS is to assist clinicians at the point of care and at the point of dispensing.


  • Vidal is a leading European healthcare informatics & information systems company.
  • Vidal Provides information about drugs and treatments used by the healthcare professionals.
  • Vidal delivers comprehensive information on drugs and value added decision tools and services through electronic products.
  • Vidal provides evidence-based guidelines for the treatment of the most common diseases encountered by the physicians.
  • Vidal belongs to European collaborative Projects PSIP – Patient Safety through Intelligent Procedures in medication. The main objective of this project is to facilitate the systematic production of epidemiological knowledge of adverse drug events (ADE’s) and to improve the entire medication cycle in the hospital environment.


Solver is integrated with VIDAL CDSS to enable Clinical Decision Support at the point of care and point of dispensing in Solver Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Pharmacy System. The integration with Solver Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is to help physicians to confidently determine what will be a safe and appropriate medication for a patient with specific medical conditions. To prevent any drug-related harm to the patient, the checking of drug contra-indications, Drug dosage, Drug Allergy etc. or cautions linked to patient medical conditions is helpful. Alerting physicians about relevant underlying conditions at the time of prescribing helps them to avoid risks for the patient.

Vidal CDSS integrated with Solver Pharmacy Management System is to provide clinical decision support at the point of dispensing. In addition to getting the clinical decision support the pharmacist will be able to get drug monograph, pack size, route of administration, chemical composition etc. for better patient education and safety.


Source of Information

  • The main sources of information come from international publications, health agencies, workshop groups, guidelines, and summaries of product characteristics (SPCs).
  • Vidal Provides three levels of drug information International, National, An International level.
    • International Level
      • It includes lists of virtual medicinal products including forms, routes of administration & strength.
      • Substance monographs.
    • National Level
      • It varies from country to country and covers,
      • Lists of actual medicinal product (AMP) including brand name, national drug code, ATC codes, and link to VMP (Virtual Medicinal Product)
      • Lists of actual medicinal product packages (AMPP), economic and administrative data including price, reimbursement, generic status, package information, etc.
      • National monographs
    • An International Level of therapeutic guidelines called Vidal Reco.
      • The Recos are the summary of current therapeutic recommendations from Health Agencies, as well as medical and research societies that address the most common medical cases encountered, to which a complete list of medical recommendations have been added.


  • Virtual Medicinal Product Information.
  • Actual Medicinal Product Information.
  • Actual Medicinal Product Pack (AMPP) Information.


  • Drug-allergy module.
  • Drug-drug Interaction module.
  • Drug-health module (including pathologies, pregnancy, lactation).
  • Drug-warning effect module.
  • Drug-side effect module.
  • Drug laboratory module.
  • Duplicate-therapy and alternative-drug-therapy module.
  • Dose-checking module.
  • Drug –food module.