Visa Medical System
Customizable electronic medical processing system

Visa Medical Software for is a digital solution designed to facilitate the medical visa process for expatriates seeking employment or residency in GCC countries. The software automates the visa medical process, making it easier and more efficient for both applicants and authorities.The Visa Medical Software systems are designed to cater to the specific requirements of each country's visa application process. The software manages the medical data and helps medical professionals to generate comprehensive medical reports and ensure that the visa applicants meet the specific health requirements for the visa application

The software offers a range of features to help medical professionals manage their work efficiently. These features include scheduling appointments, managing medical records, generating medical reports, and sending alerts and notifications to applicants and authorities. Additionally, these systems provide robust security measures to protect the sensitive medical data.

Solver Visa Medical System Comes With Bio-Metric Authentication
  • 01
    Easy patient detail reference

    Maintains History of Medical Fitness Certificates and is available for retrieval.

  • 02
    Identifies with fingerprint only

    Identifying the person without any additional entry.

  • 03
    Prevents Fraud

    Helps to avoid malpractices like false appearance.

  • 04
    Sort through file quickly

    Reports available based on Fit/Unfit status, Age, Nationality, Gender, etc.


With 25+ years of expertise in the healthcare industry, AFI provides customized healthcare solutions to meet industry requirements and standards. The Solver Visa Medical System is designed to eliminate the need for additional documents and recognizes patients using just the previously captured fingerprints. Moreover, the reports are available based on Fit/Unfit status, Age, Nationality, Gender, etc. 

Easy Registration

Applicant can register at the counter upon entry

Fingerprint Collection

The applicant fingerprint is captured by the counter staff and stored in the system.

Online Photo Storing

Provision to capture applicant’s photo online and store in the system.

Auto Verification

Using the fingerprint, the System identifies the applicant and display his/her photo on the screen.

Get Visa Medical Report

Provision to print Visa Medical Report at the Visa Medical Counter with photo and fingerprint captured at the time of registration.

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