Pharmacy Management System
Complete Solution from POS to Back office Management with drug interaction system

The Solver Pharmacy Software system gives the leverage of centralized purchase and distribution of stock to the retail pharmacy outlets. Centre-wise stock of goods will be maintained irrespective of the location of the pharmacy. Whenever there is a transfer of stock from one pharmacy to another, only one entry needs to be passed through the software. Weighted average cost method/last price/fixed price will be adopted for all issues of goods in the pharmacy. The department master can define all the individual departments. All purchases are made at the main pharmacy store and from the main store. Items are issued to the departments upon request. An issue to the pharmacy will update the stock of the pharmacy and for other departments, it will be treated as consumption. 

We cater to retail pharmacies, central pharmacies and wholesale pharmacies across the GCC
  • 01
    Easy & Fast Billing

    Accept payments through multiple modes like barcode, name, brand name etc.

  • 02
    Effective Stock Management

    Track inventory levels to make effective decision on real time.

  • 03
    Smart Purchasing

    Compare supplier offers, outstanding reports and other smart reports for optimal purchasing.

  • 04
    Expiry Reminders

    Prevent product expiry with early reminders and avoid hefty losses.

  • 05

    Make calculated decisions based on comprehensive reports generated.

Modules & Functionalities

Pharmacy management systems streamline the workflows for drug dispensing, medical claims management, and patient medication adherence. The solution optimizes operational efficiency, leverages actionable data points, and reduces costs, compliance risks, and errors. With a pharmacy management system, Pharmacies can automate and simplify daily tasks like drug stock management, customer management, and billing.

Wholesale , retail and Distribution Modules
  • Greater flexibility to configure the system as per your business requirement
Built-in Route Automation & Mobile printing for VAN Sales
  • The best in class option to manage your distribution business with ease

Centralized Management of Promotions, Loyalty & campaigns
  • Manage promotions on time base , Outlet base etc.
Mobile Application , E-commerce solution
  • Our solution takes your business to next level and increase your revenue.
Built-in Supply Chain system with Order forecasting
  • A full-fledged system for your end to end operation
Point of sale and billing
  • A modern point of sale system goes beyond processing credit card payments, supporting a shopping experience patients are used to and helping to manage the inventory
Intra-warehouse Transfers
  • Inventory can be moved between locations and bins within a warehouse or from one company to another
Purchase Management
  • Solver takes care of the complete purchase life cycle of the buying process from the requisition or demand level to the actual purchase of the items.
Wants to improve Pharmacy management effective and profitable?

Our custom-made solution with rich with pharmacy-specific functionalities helps the staff dispense the right amount of medication to the right person and eliminates any drug-related harm to the patient.