Hospital Management Information System
Fully integrated system with revenue cycle management

Solver HMIS is a web-based hospital management information system that can be used on-premises or via the cloud, making it ideal for hospitals of various sizes. Solver HMIS entirely automates and integrates the hospital's whole operation, which includes clinical, administrative, financial, supply chain, and billing tasks. It offers the advantages of streamlined operations, greater administration and control, superior patient care, better cost management, and higher revenue.

Suitable for Single to Multi speciality Hospitals
  • 01
    Totally Integrated System

    System has the complete module for the smooth operation for hospital. Everything can be managed from a single window.

  • 02
    Available on-premises & Cloud

    System is cloud ready

  • 03
    Customizable as per your operation

    Every hospital operations are not the same. Solver gives you the flexibility to customize as per your requirements

  • 04
    Supports Third Party Integrations

    Solver supports third party integration whether it is Lab devices, Attendance systems, CRMS etc.

  • 05
    Zero Paper

    Information is stored, processed, and communicated electronically, eliminating the need for traditional paper-based workflows.

Modules & Functionalities

Based on several years of healthcare domain expertise, the AFI team created the Solver Hospital Management Information System, which adheres to healthcare industry standards and best practices while remaining user-friendly and flexible. Using Solver HIS, organizations and healthcare practitioners can achieve the following objectives:

Doctor's Desktop
  • Different Speciality-wise EMR
  • E-Prescription and procedure
  • Medical reports and certificates
  • Referral & Followup
  • Insurance company limits & service pre-approval
  • Patient visit summary report


Front Office Management
  • Appointment Management
  • Token System
  • SMS integration & Automated Emails
  • Billing, Insurance & E-claim
  • Medical Packages
  • Alerts & Reminders
Pharmacy & Inventory Operations
  • Stock & Expiry Management
  • Barcode Integration
  • Pharmacy billing & insurance
  • Usage predictions
IP Management
  • Admission
  • Discharge
  • Transfer
  • Ward Management
  • User-defined result template
  • DICOM viewer integration
  • PACS server integration
  • Radiology devices integration
Lab Module
  • Specimen Collection
  • Investigation Outsourcing
  • Result entry & Multilevel Approval
  • Laboratory Equipment Integration
  • Barcode Integration
Patient App (Android & iOS App)
  • Appointment Taking
  • Lab results
  • Patient File view
E-Claim Management Systems
  • Direct integration to portals like DHA
  • Option for claim approval, submission, re-submission and writeoff
  • Claim analysis and reporting
  • Increased efficiency in claim handling by reducing turnaround time
Looking to enhance the patient care and revenue?

Solver HMIS is a web based, fully integrated, Multi-lingual, platform with centralized and single window management.