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Lab Information System


Lab Information System

A laboratory information system (LIS) is a software system that records, manages, and stores data for clinical laboratories. A LIS has traditionally been most adept at sending laboratory test orders to lab instruments, tracking those orders, and then recording the results, typically to a searchable database. Solver Lab Information System (LIS) is an integrated application suitable for the diagnostic centers as well as the laboratory as part of the clinic/hospital. It automates and effectively manage the clinical order life cycle including appointment management, patient registration, billing, specimen collection, specimen processing, lab equipment interfacing, inventory management, report generation, integration with HIS/EMR. The system enables an integrated diagnostic report generation with the flexibility to manage the various pathology laboratory departments.


  • Provision to manage patient appointments through appointment diary
  • Patient Registration for cash, insurance and corporate patient
  • Package Definition - Option to club multiple services and create as a package
  • Provision to enter referral doctor
  • Company wise/Hospital wise settings for rate, limits, service inclusions, exclusion etc.
  • Lab Equipment Interfacing – Bi-directional and Uni-directional
  • Option to set the normal values and units for various test
  • Lab reports in both conventional and SI units
  • Mapping of inventory with lab test for better inventory control
  • Integration with Solver HMS, EMR, etc.
  • Specimen Bar Code generation
  • Results approval system & reflection of same in EMR
  • User controls management
  • Automatic result generation avoiding human intervention
  • Improved accuracy
  • Advanced Specimen collection reports

Front Office

The front office module of the Laboratory Information System is to manage patient appointment, registration and billing.

  • Appointment Diary

    The system includes a calendar to schedule the patient booking against multiple pathologist and for multiple access points. This will avoid proper management of appointment, avoid conflict between the appointments, reduces patient waiting time and maximum utilization of available resources.

  • Registration

    The registration module has provision to manage different type of customer group like – insurance, hospital referrals, corporate etc. There is an option to make company wise settings like rates, inclusions/exclusion and service rate limits. The registration has an option to add the referral doctor or hospital and generate hospital/referral doctor wise reports.

  • Billing

    The system facilitates cash, insurance and corporate billing with multiple payment options. The pricing can be defined by user and gives option to permit discount option at billing. Cash, insurance and corporate billing can be done separately and corresponding reports can be generated. Cashier wise reports and revenue reports are available in the system.

Module Features Advantages
  • Appointment Management
  • Customer Registration
  • Billing
  • SMS Module
  • Overview of scheduled appointment and scheduling of access points
  • Options to manage cash, corporate and insurance company
  • Provision to enter referral doctor
  • Option to end SMS both English and Arabic
  • Easy management of patient bookings
  • Proper management of cash, insurance and
  • Referral register report
  • Send message as appointment reminder and intimation of lab result readiness

Inventory Management

  • Procurement

    This makes the purchase of consumables and other inventory items through a proper channel and effectively manages the stock. The system can give a demand forecasting based on consumption of items in the laboratory and it helps in the procurement. The system will calculate the actual unit cost of the item and gives a proper stock valuation.

  • Inventory Maping

    The lab services can be mapped with inventory items and inventory will get adjusted when the service is done. Inventory item consumption against the serves reports can be generated in the system.

  • Expiry Management

    The system has the provision to manage expiry of items. The system will show the near expiry items and expired items can be separated to an expiry warehouse. The allows to manage the expiry item replacement, compensation, disposal options in the system itself.

Module Features Advantages
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase
  • Consumption
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Foreign Currency Purchase
  • Multi-units and multi barcode
  • Reorder Level and minimum level
  • Procurement based on Demand and available stock
  • Simplifying the purchase process
  • Inventory Mapping
  • Consumption Report Based on Items mapped against services
  • Better Inventory Control
  • Expiry Module
  • Expiry Warehouse
  • Expired Item Transfer
  • Expiry Replacement
  • Expiry Compensation
  • Expiry Disposal
  • Proper management of expiry
  • Timely Expiry Reminder

Laboratory Module

  • Lab Services

    User defined lab services with its rates can be given in the system. Along with the item definition the normal values for different service with its units can be defined in the system. The lab module is covering the end to end operation in the laboratory starting with specimen collection. The system provides an option to integrate barcode solution to generate specimen label for proper identification and retrieval. Lab equipment interfacing with the HMS is possible and it automates the process to avoid human errors.

Module Features Advantages
  • Lab Specimen Collection
  • Integration Module
  • Service Definition
  • Sample barcode generation
  • Integration with HMS/EMR
  • Integration with lab equipments
  • Units, rates and result template setting
  • Hospital/Company wise lab service settings and package definition
  • Retrieval of customer data through barcode scanning
  • Integration module helps to get the data in HMS/EMR automatically
  • Option to take lab reports in both conventional and SI units
  • Able to generate customer wise advanced reports
  • Lab Outsource Module
  • Provision to enter the details of sample outsourced and its status
  • Easy tracking of lab outsourcing and reports.

Financial Accounting Module

Solver Financial Accounting System is an easy to use accounting system with user-definable account structures. Zooming facility is provided from the balance sheet up to the basic voucher, which will help the user to track a small entry. Search engine is provided for easy access to any vital information. Faster and easier user-definable reports allow the user to create a new report. The user can take any report at any specific date. The previous year data is also available for reference. Configurable security level provided to restrict a user to a particular portion. A user log is maintained by the system and each user activity is recorded.

Module Features Advantages
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Payments & Receipts
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • PDC Management
  • Cost Centre
  • Budgeting
  • Cash Payments & Bank Payments
  • Cash & Bank Receipts
  • PDC payments & receipts
  • Accounts enquiry
  • Tree level chart of accounts
  • Inventory and department mapping with accounts
  • User defined chart of accounts
  • At any point of time the user can know the status of accounts, its payables and receivables
  • The multi-level tree structure of the chart of accounts will reflect in the P&L and BL which gives a detailing of financial transactions.
  • The system gives supplier and customer aging analysis
  • The system gives TL, P&L and BL

Biomedical Asset Management Module

Solver Asset Management System is a complete life cycle asset management solution, capable of managing all stages of an asset's life, from acquisition, installation and support. A key component of Solver is the ability to track the cost of an asset and charge the cost back to a department, group, organization and/or project. The total charge may consist of multiple costs including purchase or lease cost, depreciation, etc. By managing complete asset information in a single repository, Solver can simplify the task of tracking and lowering the cost of acquiring and maintaining assets throughout their life cycle.

Solver Asset management software gives the power to quickly and efficiently track and control fixed assets. Solver Assets allows retrieving accurate and detailed information about the exact location, condition, and current value of fixed assets. The system gives complete control over the entire fixed asset lifecycle.

Module Features Advantages
  • Asset Purchase
  • Asset Allocation
  • Asset Transfer
  • Asset Valuation
  • Asset Depreciation
  • Asset Repair & Maintenance
  • Integration with financial accounting system
  • Asset barcoding and tagging
  • Provision to manage vehicle assets
  • Provision to manage asset sales and write-off
  • Proper management of bio-medical assets
  • Asset tracking made easy
  • Preventive maintenance of bio-medical assets will be managed properly
  • Assets depreciation will be calculated automatically and will be posted to the accounts
  • The system gives TL, P&L and BL