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Doctor's Desktop

Doctors Desktop is an Interactive Web Application Software which helps doctors from different departments in a hospital to store, manage and retrieve patient information with ease and simplicity. The software is integrated with the existing Solver Hospital & Clinic Management System to access related patient data from any department. The software manages patient data for both In Patient and Out Patient departments.


  • Display IP & OP patients of each doctor.
  • Patient diagnosis entry pages are department specific.
  • Doctors can view & edit all the previous visits of their patients from a single page.
  • Investigations & Medicines prescribed by the doctor can be accessed from Billing and Laboratory departments.
  • Doctors can view all files of a patient from Patient History section.
  • Cross-referral of patients can be done easily.
  • Images can be annotated using SVG.
  • Doctors can view Test Results of a patient and incorporate test results in the summary reports.
  • Prepare Medical Visit Summary & Discharge Summary in a single click.
  • Surgeons can keep track of Operation dates and prepare monthly reports on Operation details.
  • Doctors can prepare monthly patient list reports to be submitted to the Ministry of Health.


  • Doctors can track list of appointments and access patient information prior to patients visit.
  • Gradually convert all patient paper files to electronic files.
  • Avoid searching of manual patient files.
  • Avoid unnecessary calls to the doctor from pharmacy & lab.
  • The doctor can provide total charges incurred for the tests and medicines to the patient prior to billing.
  • Minimize data entry using popup lists and automatic loading of previous visit data to new visits.
  • Doctor can monitor latest readings & measurements of IP patients and suggest appropriate tests and medicines.